Graduate School of
Psychometrics and
IOPS educational program

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IOPS courses in the IOPS Educational Program

  • What is Psychometrics (mandatory course in the IOPS curriculum)
    Postponed to later this year (Dates were 10-12 March 2014) Three full days, 10-17 hrs.
    Venue: Leiden University
    Information and registration: Jacqueline Hartman, secretary
  • Meta analysis (elective course in the IOPS curriculum) 
    Dates: April 30, May 1-2, 2014 (Wednesday-Friday)
    Venue: Maastrich University
    Course fee: free for IOPS students, 500 euro all other participants
    Information: Wendy Beuken, secretary
  • Bayesian statistics (elective course in the IOPS curriculum)
    Dates: 12-16 May 2014
    Venue: Utrecht University
    Information: Charlotte Rietbergen

IOPS domain specific seminars

Fellowships and internships

Non-IOPS courses

  • Mplus: How to get started? (One day course)
    Dates: 11 December 2013 or 14 February 2014
    Course instructors: prof. dr. Joop Hox and dr. Susanne Jak
    Venue: De Uithof, Utrecht University

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