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Multivariate logistic regression using the ideal point classification model
Multivariate categorical data, with multiple dependent variables and one or more independent variables, are often collected in the social sciences. However, only limited tools are available for the analysis of such data. The methodology that is available makes unverifiable assumptions or requires the independent variables to be categorized, with all negative consequences. In this project new methodology is proposed, based on the ideal point classification model, which requires a minimal set of assumptions and takes the data as it is. Essential tools for the evaluation of effects and for the design of empirical studies will also be proposed.

Prof. dr. M. De Rooij (Leiden University)
Prof. dr. W.J. Heiser (Leiden University)
Prof. dr. P. Spinhoven (Leiden University)

Financed by
Leiden University

1 October 2010 – 1 October 2015