Gabriela Lunanksy

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University of Amsterdam

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A theoretical network model of psychological resilience

The goal of this project is to develop a generally applicable theoretical network model of psychological resilience. This theoretical model will be developed combining existing knowledge on resilience from both complexity sciences and the psychological clinical practice. With this theoretical model we will take the first conceptual steps and provide methodological tools for gaining a better understanding of the complex dynamics constituting psychological resilience. This project aims to: (a) generate a new theoretical framework for helping researchers in the clinical field studying the complex dynamics of psychological resilience; (b) expand the existing literature on network models of psychopathology with new insights from complexity sciences; (c) develop novel ways of including these insights from a modeling perspective to the existing network models of psychopathology; and thereby (d) building a conceptual bridge between the clinical and complexity field, providing thinking tools and useful analogies with corresponding modeling approaches for researchers to work together on pressing questions regarding psychological resilience.

Prof.dr. Denny Borsboom, dr. Claudia van Borkulo

Financed by
ERC grant Denny Borsboom

1 September 2017 – 1 September 2021