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Smart(phone) Surveys
Almost everyone has a mobile phone and more and more of such phones are capable of doing much more than calling. The fact that people carry their smartphone with them everywhere they go offers great opportunities for social scientists interested in studying attitudes and behaviors. Smartphones can for example track how much we move around, how active we are, how often we interact with people, take snapshot images, record sounds, and serve as a device for reaching people almost instantaneously. Opportunities abound.

In my dissertation, I focus on smartphone-only survey research. The goal of this PhD project is two-fold. Firstly, I want to generate empirical knowledge about smartphone-only surveys as fundamental methodological knowledge is lacking. For example by investigating non-response and measurement quality in a smartphone-only study. Secondly, I want to contribute to the optimization of smartphone research as scientists know very little about how to do research via smartphones. For example by investigating how we could effectively ask participants for consent to share sensor data, and how we could use sensor and paradata.

Dr P.J. Lugtig, Dr V. Toepoel & Prof. P.G.M. Van der Heijden

Utrecht University

1 September 2016 – 1 September 2020