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Respondent profiles and questionnaire profiles in mixed-mode surveys
More and more surveys use multiple modes (web, mail, phone, face-to-face); they supplement or replace traditional interviewer modes by web. In multi-mode questionnaire design, usually some consideration is given to mode-specific measurement error. Despite this consideration, however, these measurement effects are frequently unexpectedly large and hamper publication. For this reason, there is a strong incentive to better predict measurement effects. Measurement effects are determined by the interplay between characteristics of the questionnaire and characteristics of the respondents, which we will refer to as questionnaire profiles and respondent profiles, respectively. In this project, we will construct a typology of characteristics of questionnaires and respondents to identify such profiles. When these profiles appear to explain variation in answering behaviour, these profiles may function as a bridge between anticipating measurement effects and purposeful consideration of survey mode.

prof. dr. J.J. Hox, dr. ir. J.G. Schouten, dr. V. Toepoel

Financed by
Utrecht University

1 January 2014 – 1 January 2018