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Psychometric evaluation of combining tests in a higher education context
In the academic year of 2011- 2012 a new compensatory testing system was introduced in the first year of the psychology bachelor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Herein students are allowed to compensate, within certain boundaries, a low test score of one course with a high test score on another course. This is contrasted to the conjunctive testing system in which students need to pass each individual course. Additionally, an important decision is made at the end of the first bachelor year in which students either pass of fail the requirements to continue their bachelor studies. In the new compensatory testing system, this decision is not based on each individual course but rather on the average grades of several courses. As a consequence, the average grade serves as a decision making tool in which the stakes are high. In this research project the decision accuracy of this decision is evaluated using a realistic compensatory and conjunctive decision rule. To do so, simulations are performed to model student’s test scores as well as student’s observed test scores at the EUR.

Prof. Lidia Arends, Dr Samantha Bouwmeester & Dr. Guus Smeets

Erasmus University Rotterdam

1 April 2015 – 1 April 2019