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foto Lisa WijsenPsychological Methods
Social and Behavioural Sciences
University of Amsterdam

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The History of Psychometrics: Traditions, Trends and Turning Points
The field of psychometrics has had an eventful history, yet surprisingly little has been written about its origins and its development over the years. In this project, we aim to write an integrated history of psychometrics. To achieve this goal, we will i) interview prominent psychometricians on important inventions in psychometrics, ii) create a timeline and genealogical tree that describes the origins and development of psychometrics and iii) explore important turning points, such as the development of the factor model. This project will ultimately result in a book proposal for the first book on the History of Psychometrics.

Prof. Denny Borsboom & Prof. Willem Heiser

Financed by
NWO Graduate Programme

1 September 2015 – 1 March 2020