Myrthe Veenman

Behavioural and Social Sciences
Psychology – Clinical Psychology
Leiden University

Communicating Networks

Adolescence is characterized by affect state changes. It is considered a key period for the onset of depression. Affect state swings are a critical predictor of the development of adolescence depression (Maciejewski et al., 2014). Parent-adolescent interactions have been shown to influence adolescents’ affect states (e.g., Bodner, Kuppens, Allen, Sheeber, & Ceulemans, 2018; Janssen, Elzinga, Verkuil, Hillegers, & Keijsers, 2020;
Schwartz, Sheeber, Dudgeon, & Allen, 2012) and depressive symptoms (e.g., Rapp, Chavira, Sugar, & Asarnow, 2020). However, it is unclear how these interactions influence affect states within adolescents on a daily basis.
The aims of this PhD project are to 1) develop, apply, and compare new psychometric methods to construct dynamical family networks to 2) study the affect states of (depressed) adolescents and parents as a dynamic system; and 3) to study the influence of family communication on this dynamic system. Ultimately, this will allow us to 4) evaluate the impact of family interactions on the affect dynamics of adolescent depression.
Network psychometric models applied to such data need to account for the three-level structure of the data (i.e., observations are nested in individuals that are nested in families) and the time dependency between observations. Existing network models that can deal with these requirements have mostly been applied to two-level nesting structures (multilevel VAR; Bringmann et al., 2013), or only allow for analyses of a
single individual so far (time-varying VAR; Bringmann, Ferrer, Hamaker, Borsboom, & Tuerlinckx, 2018; Haslbeck, Bringmann, & Waldorp, 2020).
Therefore, in this PhD-project, it will be investigated whether existing models in psychology could be extended, or models from other fields could be applied to psychology, such as Bayesian VAR models (e.g., Lu, Zheng, Cleveland, Burton, & Madigan, 2018), making this an IOPS project.

Prof.dr. B.M.E. Elzinga
Dr. E.I.F. Fried

01.09.2020 – 01.09.2024