Anton Olsson-Collentine

University of Tilburg
Department of Methodology and Statistics

On 9 February 2024 Anton Olsson-Collentine defended his thesis: Well-reasoned and arbitrary decisions: Investigating how and why research outcomes vary in psychology at the university of Tilburg.

The replication crisis in psychology (and beyond) goes under many names and has many facets. Yet to some extent these can all be summarized by the question of how and why results from similar research vary. In this dissertation, we have contributed to this debate by shedding light on the prevalence of results reported as marginally significant (Chapter 2), the severity of variation of outcomes in rigorous preregistered many-lab studies (Chapter 3), the impact of measurement error on estimation of meta-analytic heterogeneity (Chapter 4), and the degree to which researcher degrees of freedom (DFs) might lead to many thousands of outcomes in a single study and how this affects the credibility of subsequent meta-analyses (Chapter 5).

Prof. dr. Jelte Wicherts, dr. Marjan Bakker

Financed by
Tilburg University

01 October 2018 – 9 February 2024