Requirements for the IOPS Certificate

Students are eligible for the IOPS Certificate when they meet the following criteria:

The curriculum part

  • Completion of the two mandatory courses “What is psychometrics?” (2 EC) and “Statistical Consulting to Behavioral Scientists” (3 EC). Exemption for “What is psychometrics” is not possible.
  • Completion of elective IOPS courses with a total of at least 5 EC.
  • Attendance of at least four IOPS conferences

See Courses for a schematic overview of all the courses.

When planning the courses, it is advised to spread out the time spent on courses in the following way: first year: approx. 25%; second year: approx. 20%; third year approx. 10%; fourth year approx. 5%.

The research part

  • The PhD project lasts three or four years and results in a dissertation.
  • IOPS PhD students present their work twice at an IOPS conference: one poster presentation at an early stage and one oral presentation at the end of their project.

The review part

  • IOPS PhD students review 2 proposals of prospective IOPS PhD students
  • IOPS PhD students fulfill the role of discussant for two talks of an IOPS conference