Requirements IOPS student membership

Any PhD student in the Netherlands and Belgium can apply for admittance to the IOPS program, provided that the following criteria are met:

  • The student is in possession of a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in one of the following disciplines: Social and Behavioral Sciences, Technical Sciences, Mathematics or Econometrics. Basically in a field related to psychometrics or sociometrics.
  • He or she is registered as a PhD student at one of the IOPS participating universities in the Netherlands or Belgium, or he or she has a supervisor that is a staff member of IOPS.
  • As a rule, at least one of the supervisors has to be a staff member of IOPS.
  • The research that the student performs or will perform towards achieving the title of PhD can be classified as being psychometric or sociometric research. Proposals relate to the development and evaluation of methods and techniques used in psychology and sociology and related sciences, such as pedagogy or education science. Traditionally, this often involves research relating to methods and techniques for the development of measuring and testing instruments.

Affiliated membership
If one does not meet the required criteria to be admitted to the IOPS postgraduate program, or does not intend on becoming a member of the program, one can still participate in the IOPS activities and be added to the mailing list.
However, regular IOPS PhD members have priority when courses are full. Non-IOPS members pay for each course/conference separately.
The fee for conferences is €150 and for courses in general €200 per EC. Information on the fee for specific courses can be requested in advance with the IOPS coordinator.