Guidelines for

Prospective students can be divided in three categories

  1. Researchers (MSc) for which a research and educational plan for a PhD program has been submitted to the IOPS Board, but that are not yet formally approved.
    Guidelines for applicants appointed as PhD student
  2. Postgraduates whose research field matches the IOPS and for whom funding for a full PhD project is being sought.
    Application, procedure and fee for postgraduates whithout funding yet
  3. Research Master students who have expressed an interest in developing their own PhD program within IOPS, and who look for possible sources of funding and prepare for the selection process.
    Application, procedure and fee for Research Master Students

IOPS offers prospective members the same facilities as PhD members

  • access to IOPs courses
  • free entrance to the IOPS conferences
  • addition to the mailing list and participation in other social media

Affiliated student members

For postgraduates whose research field matches the IOPS, but who can’t meet the requirements mentioned above, it is possible to become an affiliated student member. As affiliated student member, you will be added to the mailing list and receive the same information about courses, conferences etc. as the prospective and regular students.

Affiliated student members (in fact all non IOPS students) with the appropriate level of knowledge are allowed to attend IOPS courses and conferences. Students receive a certificate for every course they complete successfully. Fees has to be paid per course or conference.

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