Below you find an overview of all IOPS courses and conferences. Please note that

  • some of the courses are given biennially
  • the month terms stated in the schedule, are indicative only (due to circumstances, a course may be organized in another month)
  • in the Course Agenda you find all courses and conferences that are currently scheduled. As specific dates and programs become available, they will be added.

Educational plan
This overview can assist prospective IOPS students to draw up their education plan. The requirements for the IOPS certificate can be found here.

The curriculum part of the requirements consists of both mandatory and elective courses. For the elective courses, it is allowed to follow relevant courses outside IOPS.  We have a standing collaboration with our German partner SMiP. This collaboration includes mutually opening courses. More information can be found here.

 Overview IOPS courses

  #ECEven yearsOdd years
JanuaryGeneralized latent variable modeling (TiU)12020, 2022… 
JanuaryStatistical Learning (LU)12020, 2022… 
April Meta-analysis (UM)12020, 2022… 

What is Psychometrics? (UvA) 
(Canceled, postponed to September 2021)

22020, 2022…2021, 2023..
MayApplied Bayesian Statistics (UU)22020, 2022… 
JuneIOPS Summer Conference 2020, 2022…2021, 2023…
AugustA Gentle Introduction to Bayesian Statistics (hybrid)2 2021

Survey Design (UU)

2 2020, 2022… 2021, 2023…
SeptemberWhat is Psychometrics? (UvA)22021
OctoberBayesian Item Response Modeling  (UT)22020, 2022.. 
OctoberStatistical Consulting to Behavioral Scientists  (UvA & LU)32020, 2022.. 
OctoberMathematical Statistics (RUG)120202021, 2023…
NovemberOptimization & Numerical Methods (KU Leuven)22020, 2022…2021, 2023…
DecemberIOPS Winter Conference 2020, 2022..2021, 2022…

Also, IOPS sometimes offers interesting fellowships and internships.