Finishing your project

What you have to do at the end of your project

At the final stage of your project, when your thesis is ready and the date of your promotion is known, we’re kindly asking for you to send in the following information and documents to We will use this information to announce your promotion and update your personal page on the website and our files.

  • the date of your defense
  • the title of your thesis
  • a short summary in English
  • a pdf of your thesis
  • a link to the online version of your thesis (if available)
  • a picture of the front cover of your thesis to publish on this website (jpg format)
  • can we change (or remove) your e-mail address, phone and website on your personal page
  • last but not least; would you like to remain on our mailing list? If yes, which e-mail address can we use?

Obtaining the IOPS certificate

If you meet all requirements, you can obtain the IOPS certificate. You can apply by sending the following documents to

  • The filled out form IOPS certificate, required information
  • Pdf’s of the certificates of all relevant courses (IOPS and non-IOPS) you completed successfully during your PhD training program
  • Proof of exemption for the mandatory courses (if applicable)

Thank you so much in advance. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Your first job after your dissertation

For IOPS it is important to know what opportunities the alumni have on the employment market. What jobs do they get? And how long does it take to obtain this first job?
Please keep in contact with us and tell us about your first employment(s) after your dissertation.

IOPS doesn’t end with your dissertation!

The end of your project is not necessarily the end of your relation with IOPS!
First of all, you will automatically receive alumni membership status, and we would be very happy to keep you informed by including you on our mailing list.
If you get a job at one of the research groups of IOPS, you can also apply for a postdoc staff membership by sending your CV to the secretary.