Regular staff members belong to one of the participating research groups of IOPS.
Apart from the regular staff members, IOPS recognizes associated staff members, who are affiliated with other research groups in psychometrics or sociometrics.  The requirements for admission (see below) are equal to those for regular staff members. Dissertation students of associated research groups  can be admitted to IOPS as external dissertation student, provided that their promotor is a regular or associated staff member.

Senior and junior staff

There are two categories of staff members:

  • (associated) senior staff / lecturer
  • (associated) junior staff / postdoc

Requirements for admission

Junior staff members (postdocs)

  • obtained their PhD less than five years ago
  • do not necessarily have (co-)responsibility in supervising dissertation research
  • can remain junior staff member as long as desired but are encouraged to meet the admission criteria for senior staff within five year

Senior staff members (lecturers)

  • obtained their PhD more than five years ago
  • require acknowledgment in their field, according to international publications, editorship, invitations, awards etc.
  • must have at least five publications in international English scientific journals in the past five years
  • must have (co-)responsibility in supervising IOPS PhD students
  • can remain senior staff member as long as desired

Application procedure

To apply for the IOPS staff membership, please send your extensive CV to The board will assess your application in the upcoming board meeting (June or December).

For a list of all current staff members, click here.