Margot Bennink

Bennink.MargotTilburg University
Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

– prof.dr J.K. Vermunt, Tilburg University
– d.r M.A. Croon, Tilburg University

On October 10th 2014, Margot Bennikn defended her thesis entitled

Micro-macro multilevel  analysis for discrete data


Micro-macro multilevel analysis for discrete data
This project deals with multilevel models for predicting outcomes at the higher level (e.g. team performance) from predictors measured at the lower level (e.g. employee’s motivation and skills). This form of  “reversed” multilevel analysis, which is rather common in social sciences, is something referred to as micro-macro analysis. Recently, Croon and Van Veldhoven proposed a statistical model for micro-macro multilevel analysis. The aim of this project is to generalize their approach so that it can also be applied when the model of interest contains explanatory and outcome variables which are discrete instead of continuous and normally distributed.

This project was financed by NWO.