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On April 17, 2020, Chris Hartgerink will defend his thesis Contributions towards understanding and building sustainable science at Tilburg University.


This dissertation focuses on either understanding and detecting threats to the epistemology of science (chapters 1-6) or making practical advances to remedy epistemological threats (chapters 7-9). Chapter 1 reviews the literature on responsible conduct of research, questionable research practices, and research misconduct. Chapter 2 reanalyzes Head et al (2015) their claims about widespread p-hacking for robustness. Chapter 3 examines 258,050 test results across 30,710 articles from eight high impact journals to investigate the existence of a peculiar prevalence of p-values just below .05 (i.e., a bump) in the psychological literature, and a potential increase thereof over time. Chapter 4 examines evidence for false negatives in nonsignificant results throughout psychology, gender effects, and the Reproducibility Project: Psychology. Chapter 5 describes a dataset that is the result of content mining 167,318 published articles for statistical test results reported according to the standards prescribed by the American Psychological Association (APA). In Chapter 6, I test the validity of statistical methods to detect fabricated data in two studies. Chapter 7 tackles the issue of data extraction from figures in scholarly publications. In Chapter 8 I argue that “after-the-fact” research papers do not help alleviate issues of access, selective publication, and reproducibility, but actually cause some of these threats because the chronology of the research cycle is lost in a research paper. I propose to give up the academic paper and propose a digitally native “as-you-go” alternative. In Chapter 9 I propose a technical design for this.

prof. dr. J.K. Vermunt, prof. dr. J.M. Wicherts, dr. M.A.L.M. van Assen