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Gaze-Patterns Tell the Tale: A Model-Based Approach to Free-Scene Viewing in Infancy
To learn about the structure and properties of the world, infants must select useful information from their environments[18] and use that information to identify objects, categories and, later on, more abstract concepts[28]. Allocating attention towards objects instead of perceptual saliency is therefore a crucial step in human development, as object-based attention indicates the availability of some conceptual knowledge to recognize objects as such. Attention allocation of infants (4-24-month-olds) in complex real-world scenes is studied in two well controlled experimental studies and one large (N=300) free-scene viewing study in which multiple baby labs (UvA, UCLA, Radboud) are involved.

Prof. M. Raijmakers, Dr I. Visser & Dr L. Waldorp

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1 September 2015 – 8 May 2020