Hol, Michiel

Efficiency and administration invariance of computer adaptive computerized and paper-and-pencil testing using Likert item questionnaires (concluded project)


Michiel Hol

Project: OiO project at University of Amsterdam

Project running from: 1 May 2001 – 1 May 2006

Supervisors: Prof. dr G.J. Mellenbergh, drs H.C.M. Vorst

The following two problems are studied: First, the efficiency of Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), Computerized Test (CT), and Paper-and-Pencil Test (P&PT) administrations of Likert item questionnaires; and, second, the invariance of item and person parameters and structural relations between variables across CAT, CT and P&PT administrations of Likert item questionnaires. The efficiency and administration invariance are studied in two complimentary experiments: A between-subjects field experiments compares CAT, CT, and P&PT administrations of attitude scales; and within-subjects laboratory experiment compares CAT and P&PT administrations of attitude and personality scales. A serious threat to CAT efficiency are so called ?misfits?, that is: persons who are administred the same number of items under CAT administrations as under P&PT administration. The effects of item bank size, item bank and person population parameter characteristics on number of misfits is investigated in a simulation study.

Date of defence: 10 November 2006

Title of thesisA cat with personality and attitude. Enschede: PrintPartners Ipskamp B.V. ISBN: 90-9021170-5.