Ruslan Jabrayilov

Methodology and Statistics Jabrayilov-Ruslan
Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Universiteit van Tilburg

Prof. K. Sijtsma & Dr W.H.M. Emons

On April 4th 2016, Ruslan Jabrayilov defended his thesis entitled

Improving Individual Change Assessment in Clinical, Medical and Healt Psychology
(Thesis and summary are not available yet)


Improving assesment of individual change in clinical, medical and health psychology
In clinical therapy and medical treatment, psychological effects of treatment at the individual level are assessed using psychological tests and questionnaires. The difference between the scores before and after a treatment is interpreted as the result of treatment, and forms the basis for deciding whether the patient can be  declared cured or needs psychological counceling. Current methods for individual-change assessment rest on classical tst theory and suffer from important flaws. This project investigates item response theory methods that fixes these problem, and provides recommendations on the psychometric requirements of tests for assessing statisical and clinical significant changes in individual patients.

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