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Department of Psychology
University of Amsterdam

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Prof. Han L. J. Van der Maas & Dr Lourens J. Waldorp


The PsychoGraph: Developing a Seismograph for Psychology
What if we can predict the onset of psychopathologies, like a seismograph predicting upcoming earthquakes? The purpose of this project is to develop a system that assesses the risk of the onset of MDE and gives guidelines to prevent it. The proposed project is founded on three pillars. The first subproject involves estimating dynamic networks in combination with a stochastic process on that network. The focus of the second subproject is to determine those essential parts of a network’s dynamics for phase transitions: we look for network parameters that drive an entire network’s behaviour. Lastly, subproject 3 focuses on developing a method that lets us control individual nodes and edges in the network, with control meaning that we can drive a network into a desired state within finite time.

Financed by
UvA & Yield

1 October 2015 – 15 May 2020