Klein Entink, Rinke

Simultaneous modeling of response times and responses on test items


Rinke Klein Entink PhD

Project at: Twente University

Supervisors: Prof. dr W. J. Van der Linden, dr ir J.-P. Fox

Project running from: 1 September 2005 – 1 September 2009

Project financed by: Twente University

With the introduction of computerized testing, the collection of response times (RTs) on test items has become straightforward. RTs form an additional source of information that allows more elaborate analysis of the behavior of test taker and items. For example, they can help to detect aberrant response behavior of test takers or to analyze the relationship between the difficulties and time intensities of the items. Moreover, RTs can be used to improve such activities as item calibration and test design. To be able to perform these and other analysis, joint modeling of responses and RTs on test items is required. The goals of this project, funded by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), Newtown, PA, is to further develop a hierarchical framework for the joint modeling of the responses and response times, add structural models for the person and item parameters to the framework, develop procedures for the statistical treatment of the extended framework, and produce a package of statistical functions for use inR or S-PLUS.

Date of defence: 22 January 2009

Title of thesis: Statistical models for responses and response time