Qianrao Fu

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Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Utrecht University

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Executing Replications Studies using informative Hypotheses

Using Bayes factor based evaluation of informative hypotheses in the context of replication studies is a topic that has not been studied or investigated. This PhD project will develop a fully elaborated approach for replication studies using informative hypotheses. The project will consist of four sub-projects: Preregistration (a preregistration module will be developed that will be implemented in the software package JASP (https://jasp-stats.org/)); Translation (To facilitate this translation, an elicitation protocol will be developed.); Computation (generalized Xin Gu’s work so that any informative hypothesis can then be evaluated for any statistical model); Implementation(the

determination of the sample size of the replication study).

Prof. dr. Herbert Hoijtink

Financed by
China Scholarship Council (CSC)

1 September 2017-31 Augustus 2021