Wesel, Floryt van

Model selection


Floryt Van Wesel
Department of Methodology and Statistics
Faculty of Social Sciences
Utrecht University

Project: Part of NWO project Learning more from empirical data using prior knowledge at Utrecht University

Project running from: 1 September 2006 – 1 September 2011

Promotor(es):  Prof. dr. H. Hoijtink, dr. I.G. Klugkist, dr. H.R. Boeije

This project is part of a bigger research project about the use of prior knowledge, Bayesian statistics. Researchers using prior knowledge either end up with a set of competing models  that differ in the inequality constraints used, or with one or more constrained models, a null model and an unconstrained model. In this project several model selection criteria that can be used to  select the best model will be developed, studied and evaluated.

Date of defence:   1  July 2011

Title of thesis:   Priors and prejudice: Using existing knowledge in social science research. ISBN: 978-90-393-5579-4.