Wicherts, Jelte

Application and development of multi-group means and covariance structure modeling of the Flynn effect


Jelte Wicherts

Project: Project at University of Amsterdam

Project running from: 1 May 2002 – 1 May 2006

The increase in IQ test scores denoted by the Flynn effect has important implications for both practices and theory about test scores on standardized intelligence tests. The aim of this project is to apply Multi-group covariance and mean structure (MGCMS) analyses to inter-generational data sets in order to shed light on the nature and the causes of this increase. Furthermore these analyses should use a more precise selection variable (date of birth) instead of the comonly used division into generations of cohorts. A further aim of this project is to incorporate the recently proposed Dickens-Flynn model into MGCMS modeling.

Date of defence: 6 March 2007

Title of thesis: Group differences in intelligence test performance.
ISBN 978–90-9021622-5.