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Prof.  Klaas Sijtsma & Dr Wilco Emons

In March 2020, Zhengguo Gu defended his thesis at Tilburg University.

Monitoring individual change in mental health care and education
Routine outcome measurement (ROM) is increasingly used to monitor individuals on psychological (e.g., psychological well-being) and cognitive attributes (e.g., language proficiency), and is aimed primarily at providing data for making decisions about individuals, for example, with respect to the development of pathological conditions (therapy adaptation) and skills and abilities (remedial teaching). ROM also is important in medical (Alzheimer monitoring) and health (quality of life improvement) decision-making.

ROM is highly important but unfortunately still suffers from lack of psychometric foundation. This project aims at developing innovative psychometric approaches to individual change assessment, thereby improving the quality and usability of ROM.

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1 September 2015 – 1 September 2019