Transparancy in science


 Lecturer Don van Ravenzwaaij
 Venue University of Groningen
 Mandatory/elective Elective
 Description In this course, the student will learn about the importance of transparency in science. Presently, the social sciences are in a “crisis of confidence”, meaning that numerous key findings are proving hard to replicate. This state of affairs is worrisome, but need not continue! In this course, we familiarize students with pre-registration proposals, data sharing, Bayesian statistics (including the JASP freeware package), adversarial collaborations, manylabs projects, and other things that are indispensable for transparency in science.Training objectives
– Write a preregistration proposal
– Identify good scientific practices from bad ones
– Apply Bayesian Statistics (using JASP and R)
– Learn about data sharing, adversarial collaborations, and manylabs projects