Survey Design

Peter Lugtig & Bella Struminskaya
 Venue Online (Utrecht University)
 AbstractThis 5-day course in survey design takes student beyond the introductory courses offered in BA and MA programmes, and discusses the state-of-the-art of one of the most important data collection techniques: surveys. The course focuses on the methodology of how to do surveys, and the use statistical techniques to analyse and correct for some specific survey errors. It combines short 1-hour lectures with exercises on most of the topics discussed. We assume course participants are proficient in working with R. Most of the exercises can also be done with STATA or SPSS, but answers will be
provided in R
The course assumes basic knowledge of:
– Basic knowledge of social science research methodology
– Multivariate statistics up to the General Linear Model
– The basics of survey methodology (the basic of sampling questionnaire design, collecting and processing data)
general information
 RegistrationRegistrar through the Utrecht Summer School website. Please mention at the application that you’re an IOPS (or SMiP member)