IOPS Staff at Maastricht University

Department of Methodology & Statistics
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences & Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience

Prof. G.J.P. (Gerard) Breukelen, van
E-mail: Gerard Van Breukelen, personal web page Gerard Van Breukelen

Dr M.J.J.M. (Math) Candel
E-mail: Math Candel, personal web page Math Candel

Dr S. (Shahab) Jolani
E-mail: Shahab Jolani, personal web page Shahab Jolani

Dr J. (Jan) Schepers
E-mail: Jan Schepers, personal web page Jan Schepers

Dr F.E.S. (Frans) Tan
E-mail: Frans Tan, personal web page Frans Tan

Dr. T. D. Tran

School for Mental Health and Neuroscience, Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology

Dr W. (Wolfgang) Viechtbauer
Tel.: 043 368 5248 (secretary: 043 368 8666)
E-mail: Wolfgang Viechtbauer, personal web page: Wolfgang Viechtbauer