Application, procedure and fee for postgraduates without funding yet


An application may be submitted at any time of the year by the candidate himself, and must contain the following documents

  • brief description of the intended research area or themes (max. 1 A4)
  • a motivation letter
  • a CV stating a list of the courses attended and the qualifications obtained. The qualifications should be good / excellent


The chair of the IOPS board assesses the application and shall state his conclusion within four weeks. When in doubt, he will consult one of the other board members. He reports on applications at the board meeting.

The duration of the prospective membership is up to one year. In special circumstances, extension may be granted for a further year.

Membership fee

The fee for prospective membership of postgraduates without funding yet, is €700,-. Should it come to a PhD membership, then a maximum of three years contributions will be charged.