Research and Education plan

Research plan

The research plan consists of the following topics (among others)

  • a description of the scientific context of project, the research problems, the results in view, and the scientific and the practical relevance
  • an elaboration of the method of data collection (if relevant) and data analysis
  • a detailed description of the activities planned for the first 12 months and a more global description of the activities for the remaining period
  • official start and end date of the project

Education plan

The student’s education  plan consists of the following topics

  • a selection of IOPS courses and conferences that meet the Requirements for the IOPS Certificate, see Overview IOPS courses
  • other courses that are relevant for the specific projects and geared to the individual knowledge and preferences of the IOPS student
  • the distribution of curriculum time over the period of the project

Exemption request

If you are of opinion that you qualify for exemption for one of the mandatory IOPS courses on the basis of courses you completed during your masters, you have to submit an exemption request. This exemption request consists of a short motivation letter, a copy of your diploma and grade list and a description of the master course(s) the request is based on. You have to submit this exemption request together with your education plan.