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Social and Behavioural Sciences
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Psychosis: Towards a Dynamical Systems Approach
Schizophrenia is among the most heterogeneous and least understood mental disorders (van Os, Kenis, & Rutten, 2010). Despite a century of intense research, underlying causes are still unclear and treatment success is limited (Buckley, 2007). This project argues that the lack of scientific progress in the field may be partly due to a suboptimal psychometric conceptualization of schizophrenia, and proposes a new framework to study the spectrum of psychotic disorders, based on a network approach (Borsboom & Cramer, 2013). Four subprojects are advanced, from the investigation of risk factors to prediction, screening, and validation of results at the intra-individual level.

Prof. Denny Borsboom & Prof. Jim van Os

Financed by
NWO Talent Grant

1 September 2016 – 1 September 2020