Benjamin Kunc

Center for Contextual Psychiatry
Department of Neuroscience
Faculty of Medicine
KU Leuven

Developing optimal experience sampling measures of psychological processes

Experience sampling methods (ESM) is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field with many potential benefits for research and clinical practice. Scientific progress in this area is, however, hindered by methodological issues and a central challenge for the field is suboptimal measurement practices. The proposed PhD project aims to contribute to the ESM literature and to the development of ESM-based just-in-time adaptive interventions for mental health by evaluating the psychometric properties of items used to assess transdiagnostic processes involved in psychopathology in adolescents and improving their validity. Moreover, it aims to assist other researchers in validating ESM items by testing novel validation methods.

Prof. Dr. Olivia Kirtley
Dr. Gudrun Eisele

Financed by
KU Leuven internal fund

October 2023 – October 2027