Hidde Leplaa

Methodology and Statistics
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Utrecht University

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Replication in the behavioural sciences

In this project we will further investigate the phenomenon of replication studies. First by proposing a new method to conduct a replication, using data from the Open Science Collaboration (OSC) Reproducibility Project Psychology (OSC, 2012; 2015). Using informative hypotheses (e.g. Klugkist, Laudy, & Hoijtink, 2005; Hoijtink, 2012, p. 50-51) the replicating hypotheses will be analyzed with the Bayes Factor (e.g. Kass & Raftery, 1995; Hoijtink, Mulder, Van Lissa, & Gu, 2019). In the second project, qualitative methods (e.g. Glaser, 1978; Boeije, 2010) will be used to research the view of psychologists on the phenomenon of replication.

prof. dr. I. Klugkist, prof. dr. H. Hoijtink, dr. C. Rietbergen

Financed by
Department of Methodology and Statistics Utrecht University

1 September 2017 – 31 August 2024