Janneke de Kort

foto Janneke de Kort

In Memoriam

May 25th 2016, Janneke de Kort passed away after being diagnosed with acute leukemia the year before. Janneke was a PhD student at VU University Amsterdam and was a member of IOPS.

After Janneke had seen the state of psychiatric healthcare, she was determined to improve it. Her motivation was relentless. During courses, you could always see Janneke in the front row, surrounded by lots of highlighted papers and extra books.

Somehow, even though she was working so hard, she always found the time to have fun. Janneke was a very social person: not only befriending her fellow students, but also the lecturers. It was typical for her to always speak her mind. Sometimes that meant learning an uncomfortable truth about yourself, but mainly it meant spending time with a funny, outgoing, and truly sincere person.

Janneke was unique in every way: if you’ve seen Janneke, you remember her.
We will truly miss her sharp mind, flamboyant personality, and sincere friendship.