Leonie Cloos

KU Leuven
Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences
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Improving the measurement of mood and mood disorder

The high prevalence of mood disorder is one of the most pressing challenges for today’s society. Any research, prevention, and development of treatment for mood disorder stands or falls with the quality with which people’s mood and risk for mood disorder can be reliably measured. Especially the investigation of fluctuations in affect within people over time has become a substantial field of research that has benefitted from the technological advancement of smartphone-based assessments. Yet, the measurement of emotions remains a challenge, since reliable objective measures are unavailable and researchers rely on self-report. The aim of the current project is to develop innovative and low-burden methods that allow to capture people’s mood, mood dynamics, and their associated risk for mood disorder in the context of daily life. The project will make use of experience sampling methods and psychometric modeling and will involve the collection of data in both clinical and non-clinical populations.

Peter Kuppens, Eva Ceulemans, Wolfgang Vanpaemel

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