Sebastián Castro Alvarez

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Heymans Institute for Psychological Research
University of Groningen

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On 22 December 2022, Sebastian Castro-Alvarez has defended his thesis: Chronicle of Measurement Unforetold: Measurement models for intensive longitudinal data


ImpoRTant: Developing item response theory to analyze intensive longitunidal data

The popularity of intensive longitudinal methods such as ecological momentary assessment and daily diary has increased substantially during the last years. Through these methods, researchers aim to capture the dynamical nature of psychological processes (e.g., mood or anxiety). In general, the data collected through intensive longitudinal methods are analyzed with statistical procedures based on multilevel or dynamic structural equation analysis. Yet, information about the validity and reliability of the items and tests used is usually not provided by the current statistical procedures. In order to overcome this drawback, this project aims to develop an item response theory model that will be suitable to analyze intensive longitudinal data.

Furthermore, we also plan to extend and apply other common features of the item response theory framework such as person-fit statistics and item bias measures. Alongside, an R package that implements the new methods will be developed to facilitate its use.

Prof. dr. Rob R. Meijer, dr. Laura F. Bringmann, dr. Jorge N.Tendeiro

Financed by
University of Groningen

Project period
1 September 2018 – 22 December 2022