Shiyao Wang

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Quantitative Psychology and Individual DifferencesKU Leuven 


Statistical methods for capturing transmission and synchronization processes in triads

Many statistical methods have been developed to quantify interpersonal synchronization and transmission processes across time. Most of these were dyadic. Therefore, the few triadic studies computed a dyadic measure per involved dyad and combined them. However, it has been argued that a genuine triadic approach would yield novel insights and explanations. Building on our group’s expertise in intensive longitudinal dyadic methods and statistical software development, we will develop triadic synchronicity and transmission measures, and easy to use, open source software that will also be useful for other researchers of interpersonal processes. We will implement methods for various data types, statistically assess the speed with which family members react to one another, propose a significance testing framework, and capture synchronicity and transmission fluctuations across time and contexts.

Prof.dr. E. Ceulemans
Prof.dr. G. Bosmans