Simon Kucharsky

Social and Behavioural Sciencesphoto
University of Amsterdam

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Inferring cognitive strategies from eye movements: A Bayesian model-based approach
Eye-tracking provides a window into human cognition. The greatest challenges of eye
movement analysis are how to characterize sequences of fixations, how to find patterns in them, and how to relate these patterns to cognitive processing. Meeting these challenges is important, because finding characteristic features of how people look at various stimuli could provide invaluable information both for psychological theory and practice. This project builds on promising existing work concerning the stochastic modeling of eye-movements. We aim to resolve current challenges and provide a general modeling framework that will drive the field forward.

Prof. dr. E.J. Wagenmakers, prof. dr. M. Raijmakers, dr. I. Visser

Financed by
NWO Talent Grant


1 October 2018 – 30 June 2023