What is Psychometrics?


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Lecture Slides

Willem Heiser – The History of Psychometrics
The Evolution of Psychometrics_2015_WillemHeiser (PDF)

Denny Borsboom – The Philosophy of Psychometrics
ThePhilosophyOfPsychometrics_2015_DennyBorsboom (PDF)

Rob Meijer – Psychometrics in Practice
Cotan_2015_RobMeijer (PDF)
PsychometricsInPractice_2015_RobMeijer (PDF)

Ellen Hamaker – Psychometrics of the Individual

Han van der Maas – Psychological Processes and Psychometric Models

Marieke Timmerman – Different Styles of Modeling
DifferentStylesOfModeling_2015_MariekeTimmerman (PDF)